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Best Gift Ideas Using Wedding Dance Song Lyrics

Most wedding dances are to a special song that is meaningful and unique to the couple's relationship and love story. The couple took time deciding on their song for their first dance, parent dance, or with another family member, making sure the lyrics matched their love story and relationship. They might have even taken wedding dance lessons to help them prepare for their moment on the dance floor. If you're not quite there yet, and your wedding day is still approaching, be sure to check out the:

Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Out Your Wedding Dance Song.

Once you have had your special moment during your wedding day, there’s no better and unique gift to give than one that incorporates that wedding dance song and its lyrics that are so meaningful. Whether it’s a first anniversary gift, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, thank you, or birthday gift, including the personalized touch of using your wedding song lyrics and anniversary date, will surely make the gift special. Below is a gift guide on incorporating lyrics from your wedding song to create a great, cherished gift. Tip: instead of using your wedding song lyrics, you can use your wedding vows as a unique way to personalize a 1st anniversary gift.

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Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas That Include Your Wedding Song:

- Sound Wave Of Your Wedding Song

- Combination of A Picture and Wedding Song Lyrics

- Customized Glassware

- Handkerchief Embroidered With Song Lyrics

- Custom Wedding Song Album Cover

- Wooden Framed Photo or Wedding Album

- QR Code Of Wedding Song

- Give The Gift Of Dance

Best Gift Ideas Using Wedding Dance Song Lyrics


Wedding Gift Idea #1: Sound Wave Of Your Wedding Song

Best Gift Ideas Using Wedding Dance Song Lyrics

I must start with my favorite, framing your sound wave from your favorite song from your wedding. Tyler and I did this for our first dance song and made it our guest book. It’s a sentimental gift that brings you back to the dance floor. We got ours from Etsy. There are several options you can choose from. Although it doesn’t have the lyrics, it’s a great, abstract piece of art representing your music choice.

Wedding Gift Idea #2: Combination of A Picture and Wedding Song Lyrics

Picture with First Dance Lyrics, Wedding Gift Guide

There are many other ways to incorporate your wedding song lyrics into a unique gift idea. Consider combining your first dance song lyric with a picture from your wedding. Here are some fun options that make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Wedding Gift Ideas #3: Customized Glassware

Father of the Bride and Father of the groom Wedding gift

In Kentucky, we love our bourbon. Consider giving a customized bourbon or whiskey glass as a gift. Don’t like bourbon, no problem. You can look into other glasses, such as wine glasses or beautiful water goblets, to customize with a line from your song's lyrics. You can personalize it with their name, initial, or something wedding related, such as

"Father of The Bride" or "Father of The Groom," and the wedding date. You can include a meaningful quote or the title of the song. Therefore, every time they take a sip out of that glass, it will take them back to that moment shared on the dance floor during your wedding.

Wedding Gift #4: Handkerchief Embroidered With Song Lyrics

If it’s before your wedding, a sweet, unique wedding gift for your father or partner is a handkerchief with the song lyrics. This can be sure during the wedding and can be a sentimental keepsake for years.

Wedding Gift #5: Custom Wedding Song Album Cover

Suppose you have gone through a company to get a custom wedding song that shares your love story. You can look into finding a unique way to put that into a gift. Maybe work with the singer or songwriter to record it on vinyl, or consider taking your wedding photos to create an album cover that includes your last name, wedding date, song lyrics, and vows.

Wedding Song Gift Idea, First Anniversary Gift, Father's Day Gift, Mother's Day Gift

Wedding Gift #6: Wooden Framed Photo or Wedding Album

Framed Photos, stunning canvas, or Photobooks are always beautiful gifts. I can never pick one photo if you're like me, so a photobook makes more sense. I have so many great photos from our dance and our first look that it could quickly fill up an album. You can add lyrics from your song on each page of the photobook or along a wooden frame.

Wedding Gift #7: QR Code Of Wedding Song

Wedding Song Gift Idea, First Anniversary Gift, Father's Day Gift, Mother's Day Gift

QR codes have become very popular and can make a personalized gift that's thoughtful and unique. You can get a QR code made and put it on a key chain, in a frame, on printed on another piece of home decor. When someone opens their camera to scan the QR code, they will be taken to the wedding dance song from your big day. You can even have it play on built-in speakers around your house. This unique idea of a QR code can be inexpensive but thoughtful, returning you to unforgettable memories.

Wedding Gift #8: Give The Gift Of Dance

Of course, an activity is a great way to create a new core memory. Dance lessons are a great idea to relive your wedding dance song as a married couple. Even if you had dance lessons before your wedding, there are always more moves or other styles to learn that go with your song and lyrics. Pair your dance lesson with a meal before or after to extend the date night.

When giving a unique gift, choosing one that reflects their interests, values, and the special bond they share is essential. Giving a wedding gift that includes the couple's first dance lyrics can be meaningful if someone else is getting married. You will want to make sure you have the correct song. You can contact the bride and groom to confirm or ask the DJ, wedding planning, or bridal party if they know. Any of the unique gifts above would make the perfect wedding fit. If including the lyrics is too much, think about just including the song title with the wedding date and their last name.

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