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Bride-To-Be Affordable Gifts

Updated: Sep 5

Whether you just got engaged and want to stock up on "Miss to Mrs", "Bride to Be", and "Future Mrs." swag, or your bestie just got engaged and you want to surprise them with some goodies, here are the products I used during my 12-month engagement (to be honest, I still use a lot of these products even though I'm no longer a bride to be).

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Dog and bridal gift basket

The Perfect Gift Basket For the Bride To Be

First, I must start with the sweet basket of goodies my friend surprised me with immediately after our engagement. Although my pup, Yadi, looks unamused, I thoroughly enjoyed all these products. I use the Kate Spade Wine Tumbler on our evening wine walks around the neighborhood, the coffee (although for me, it was tea) Kate Spade Travel Mug every morning in winter on my way to teach my fitness classes, the Kate Spade Notebook for all my planning meetings with Simply Love Studio, and the "Mrs" bag I still use for toiletries as I travel (I can't find the exact one Leslie got me, however, follow the link to some other super cute ones on Amazon!)

The Wedding Planner, Organizer, and Skeepstake Journal all in one!

Even though I work in the wedding industry, I knew I didn't know everything and I would need something and someone to guide me and a way to keep my thoughts organized. For resources, I used Simply Love Studio -- a FREE service to Kentucky Brides, my Day of Coordinator, Perfect Timing and Events, and this planner:

Bloom Daily Planners Wedding Planner & Organizer/Hardcover Keepsake Journal with Essential Planning Tools - Checklists, Vision Boards, Tips & More - 9"x11" (Gold Scallops)

I recommend this planner to anyone I know who is getting married. Yes, it's a planner, but so much more! There's step-by-step advice and guidance on how to plan your wedding. Everything from a monthly checklist, space to take notes during vendor interviews, what questions to ask potential vendors, tips on who to give tips to, sample timelines, and more, the list can go on and on. This planner is an amazing resource and serves as a vision board with pages you can draw out or insert pictures of what you want and spots you can journal throughout.

It's only been a few months after our wedding, so the planner is put away, but I can't wait to pull it out in the future and reminisce on what an exciting time our engagement year was in our lives.

Affordable Gifts That Brides Will Use Throughout Their Engagement

Here is a quick list of additional sweet gifts I received or purchased myself throughout my engagement.

Cute bridal Earrings for Keenelend

  • Bride Earrings: I loved having some themed earrings to wear out and about, especially to my Bridal Shower, Keeneland, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and Welcome Party.

  • Bridal Slippers : I loved my slippers. Not only did I wear them around the house, but I wore them the wedding morning, AND I brought them on the Honeymoon (pro move!).

  • Luggage Tags : I did not receive or purchase any luggage tags, but I wish I did. We would have used them for the bachelorette, hotel bag for the wedding night, and our Honeymoon.

I will be sure to add to this list as I look back at all my bridal-themed goodies and gifts. Bringing a Bride is a very exciting time. Live it up, and get some themed items to enjoy throughout your engagement, you will use them a lot!

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