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Father's Day Gift Guide: Unique Gift Ideas for Father of the Bride and Groom

Updated: Jun 7

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It’s your wedding year, and Father’s Day is approaching. It's the perfect time to honor and show our love for the remarkable men who have played a significant role in our lives. Show your gratitude and love this Father's Day with a meaningful and personalized gift.

Unique Guide Ideas for Father's Day

Unique Gift Idea For Fathers: Father-Daughter Dance Song SoundWave

I must start with my favorite, framing your Sound Wave from your Father-Daughter dance song. Tyler and I did this for our first dance and made it our guest book. It’s a sentimental gift that brings you back to the dance floor. We got ours from Etsy. There are several options you can choose from.

There are many other ways to incorporate your wedding song into a unique gift idea. Consider putting in a song or lyrics from your Father-Daughter dance and include a picture. Here are some fun options that make the perfect, personalized gift for Fathers!

Unique Gift Idea For Fathers: Bourbon Glasses, Perfect Gift For the Father of Bride or Father of Groom

In Kentucky, we love our bourbon. Consider getting your father a custom bourbon or whiskey class. You can personalize it with their name, initial, or something wedding related, such as the Father of The Bride or Father of The Groom and the wedding date, or a line from the lyrics of your Father-Daughter dance.

Unique Gift Idea For Fathers: Wedding Day Cufflinks

Cufflinks are also a popular gift. However, keep in mind that not all dress shirts need them. I made that mistake by getting custom cuff links for my brother on his wedding day and learned the hard way that he didn’t need

them with his shirt and suit. Give your father a pair of cufflinks engraved with your wedding date. It's a subtle yet meaningful gift he can wear on your wedding day and other special occasions.

Unique Gift Idea For Fathers: Framed Wedding Photo

Framed Photos or Photobooks are always beautiful gifts. If you’re like me, I can never pick one photo, so a photobook makes more sense. I have so many great photos from our dance and our first look that it could quickly fill up an album. Here are several frame ideas.

Ultimate Gift Idea For Father: An Activity

Of course, an activity with your father is a great way to create a new core memory. Dance lessons are the perfect activity for Father’s Day. Even if you had dance lessons before your wedding, that’s always more moves or other styles to learn. Pair your dance lesson with a meal before or after to extend the Father’s Day adventures. If you don’t feel like taking the dance lesson with him, consider getting him a gift certificate to your local dance studio where he can bring someone else as his partner.

Give a Meaningful Gift This Father's Day

Father's Day is an opportunity to honor the remarkable fathers who have supported us throughout our lives and wedding journey. Choose a gift that reflects their interests, values, and the special bond you share. Happy Father's Day to all the incredible fathers out there!

Need a last-minute gift? Amazon has a great list of Father's Day Gifts at different prices. Check out the Amazon Father's Day Guide HERE!

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