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What Clothes To Wear For Your First Ballroom Dance Class

Whether you are taking your first ballroom dance class to prepare for a wedding, get ready for a special occasion, as a date night activity, or a new skill you want to learn, it’s essential to know what to wear to your first class. In general, you will want to wear clothes that are comfortable to move in ( relaxed shirt, pants, or athletic wear) and comfortable shoes that are supportive and don’t grip the floor (leather or suede soles are ideal for not gripping). To help you determine what to wear to your first ballroom dance class, you will want to consider the following:

Best Clothes To Wear To Your First Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)

The ballroom dancing clothes you see on Dancing With The Stars are typically costumes for showtime. You will want to watch what they wear during rehearsal and practice clips to understand what to wear. Ballroom dancing is similar to other dance styles, such as ballet or tap, where you would wear proper attire, including ballet shoes or tap shoes. In ballroom dance, there are ballroom shoes that professionals and serious ballroom dance students wear, however, if it's your first class and you are just taking the class for fun, don't worry about having proper ballroom dance shoes. Depending on how you answer these questions will help you determine a good choice in what you will wear for your first time. In this blog, we will dive deeper into answering these questions and explore different types of clothing and shoes for different dance styles.

What Type Of Ballroom Dance Class Determines The Type of Clothes You Might Wear:

You will want to consider what time of dance class are you taking to help you determine what to wear for your ballroom dance class. Is your class preparing you for your first dance at your wedding, a private lesson with just you, your dance partner, and your instructor, or a group social dance class?

Wedding Dance Class:

What Shoes To Wear For Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)

If you are taking intro lessons or choreography-based dance classes for your wedding, maybe it’s to prepare for your first dance, father-daughter, Mother/son, bridal party, or another special dance at your wedding, you will want to wear appropriate clothes to your ballroom dance classes to help you prepare properly. If you plan on wearing heels or special shoes for your wedding day, consider wearing them to your lesson(s).

Many wedding dance classes are private lessons, allowing you to get personalized attention from your dance instructor. Private lessons allow for flexibility in what you wear. Some suggestions of what to wear for your wedding dance ballroom class are:

  • Yoga Pants

  • Workout clothes

  • ​Comfortable Clothing

  • Supportive Shoes ( don’t worry too much about them being suede soles or leather soles; for a wedding dance, you typically don’t make too many advanced turns where you would need to ensure your shoes don’t grip. It's advised not to wear loose shoes for your ballroom dance lessons)

  • Special Shoes that you will be dancing in at the wedding

  • Date night clothes

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Some couples use their first lesson for their wedding dance as a date night activity. It’s fun to dress up for the dance class. You can wear dress heels, or night dress pants and shoes, maybe even something similar to what you would wear to a friend's wedding. Others prefer yoga pants.

Private Ballroom Lessons:

For private ballroom lessons, you'll want to determine whether this is a fun one-time date night activity or a great new skill you'd like to excel at. If it’s a one-time activity, you may choose to wear the following, especially for your first ballroom dance lesson before you have a better idea of what to wear the next time:

What Shoes To Wear For First Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)
  • Yoga Pants

  • Athleisure Wear

  • Workout Clothes

  • ​Comfortable Clothes

  • Supportive Shoes

  • Date night clothes

The important thing is that you and your dance partner should wear comfortable, lightweight clothes that are non-restricting or revealing and are breathable. After all, dance is physical activity, and you may sweat. You should be able to lift your arms above your head and out to the side. For example, pencil skirts and strapless tops would not be good options because they restrict body movement and make it hard to do physical activities.

If you are taking a class to learn to excel in a new skill, you will want to look into wearing proper clothing so that your dance instructor can see your lines to ensure you are learning and executing proper technique. Therefore, there are better options than baggy clothes. Instead, consider the following:

  • Leggings (workout leggings)

  • Tank Top

  • Breathable clothes that hug the figure

  • Proper Dance Shoes (opt for leather soles or suede soles and avoid rubber soles and loose shoes)

Proper dance shoes will be vital if you’re serious about learning or competing in ballroom dance. Your dance instructor and studio will guide you to the right shoe. Followers will want to start practicing in heels during your classes. The shoe should be appropriate for the type of floor.

Group Class:

What To Wear To A Group Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington

Group classes are a great way to try ballroom and social dances. Maybe it’s a one-time event group dance class or a weekly social dance series. Either way, you must be mindful of what clothes to wear. Take note of the class deception. A lot of the time, the class description will give an example of what to wear. If it’s a particular dance style, your clothing option might change.


What Style Of Ballroom Dance Class?

The style of the ballroom dance class will help you determine what kind of clothes to wear. You won’t want to wear cowboy boots to a salsa class, but you could for a country two-step, country swing, or line dancing class. If the lesson is a specific ballroom dance style, you may want to wear clothes that resemble that style or that you can comfortably move in.

Please remember you should always let your dance studio or instructor know if you have any questions about what you wear. You will also want to ensure your clothing allows movement and isn’t restricting or revealing. Comfortable leisure wear is usually sufficient, especially in your first several classes. However, here are some suggestions if you wish to be in theme with your dance style.

Dress Code For Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)
  • Waltz (or Viennese Waltz): Low Heels, dress shoes with smooth soles, slacks, long flowing skirt or dress (below the knee but above the ankle), leotard with wrap skirt,

  • Salsa: Fun flowy skirts or dress that isn’t too short but has movement when you move your hips

  • Country: Boots, stretchy jeans

  • Swing: Knee-length dress, flat shoes

  • Contemporary Dance: Athleisure wear (Contemporary Dance is a broad name for current styles. Some will require you to be barefoot, while others might have you wear specific dance shoes or heels.

If you’re unsure what to wear because your class offers different dance styles, don’t hesitate to contact your studio or instructor to help guide you.


Consider The Dance Floor You Will Be Dancing On:

The floor you will be dancing on and the dance style will play a significant role in what kind of shoes you will wear. Does your style of dance involve a lot of turns and tricks? Wearing rubber soles will add more friction between your shoe and the floor making it harder to perform these skills. Having suede or sole leather shoes will help ensure you don’t grip the floor so you can execute those skills without twisting a knee.


Ballroom Dance Class Dress Code:

Some ballroom studios or dance instructors have a specific dress code they wish to follow. They might have specific kinds of shoes they want you to wear so you don’t scuff the floor. They may recommend a certain dress length or sleeves to avoid any wardrobe mishaps—often, you can find dress code guidelines on the dance studio's website.

Dress Code At First Dance Lexington:

What To Wear To Your Wedding Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)

For in-person dance lessons at First Dance Lexington, I encourage clients to wear whatever they feel comfortable with. Since our lessons are private dance lessons (just you, your partner, and the instructor), we don’t have a specific dress code. Sometimes we have dance clients come in wearing workout clothes and tennis shoes. Sometimes they kick off their shoes, go barefoot, or throw on their heels to practice. Other times, clients will dress up for a date night. At First Dance Lexington, our goal is to make you feel comfortable in your first ballroom dance class, and part of that is letting you wear clothes that fit your personality.

What Clothes To Wear For Virtual Ballroom Dance Class (First Dance Lexington)

You may wear whatever you wish for virtual lessons or lessons that you take online with First Dance Lexington. Remember that turning and moving on a rug can be tricky and dangerous. If you’re unsure what to wear, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.


Your ballroom dance class should be fun and exciting. Make sure it’s a good time by wearing clothes you can be comfortable moving in. If you love ballroom dance, consider investing in proper shoes. After your first visit, you will better understand your dancing goals and what clothing, shoes, and accessories you may need for your next lesson and to continue on your dance journey.


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