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5 Best Tips For Wedding Dance Confidence: How to Overcome First Dance Jitters

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Your first dance as a newlywed couple is a beautiful and memorable moment. However, feeling nervous and anxious about taking the dance floor in front of your loved ones can be haunting. Being nervous about dancing in front of everyone is normal. Don't worry! I'll share tips I use with my clients to help conquer those first dance jitters and exude confidence on the dance floor.

How To Not Feel Nervous At Your Wedding

Tip #1 - Start Early and Practice to Manage Wedding Dance Anxiety

Don't wait until the week of your wedding to prepare for your first dance. This will only lead to extra anxiety and nerves. I typically suggest couples start working on their special wedding dances about three months out. The last thing you need is to feel crammed about practicing dance moves before your wedding. Remember preparing for your wedding and first dance should be fun and exciting. Take dance lessons or practice together at home to build familiarity with the dance routine. The more you practice, the more confident you will feel. For tips for practicing? Check out: Mastering The Dance Floor: Five Essential Tips for After Your Wedding Dance Lesson.

How To Feel Confident On Your Wedding Day
"Practice is not just about perfecting your skills, it's about finding calmness and peace within yourself." - Kelly McGonigal

Tip #2 - Pick a Wedding Song That Helps You Move

Select a song that holds special meaning for both of you. Find a tune that resonates with your relationship and makes you naturally sway back and forth. When you connect with music, it will become easier to move naturally to the rhythm, which brings ease to the dance and allows you to let go of nervousness. If you’re struggling with this process, or don’t know where to begin, check out the post: How to Find Your Wedding Dance Song: Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide for Perfect Melodic Match.

Tip #3 - Connect On The Dance Floor Through Smooth, Simply Movements

Simple Wedding Dance Moves To Feel Confident On Wedding Day

Your first dance is about celebrating your love and connection. Instead of worrying about perfection, concentrate on the joy of dancing with your partner. Maintain eye contact, smile, laugh, and embrace each other. There’s nothing worse than watching a couple staring off into the distancing or looking down at their feet the whole dance. Looking at each other naturally allows you to move as a unit and calm any anxious feelings. Simply maintain eye contact, smile, laugh, and embrace each other.

Work on smooth transitions and practice striking poses. Knowing how to move from one step to the next enhances your dance performance. Keep your moves simple. A turn and pass-by will allow the love you share to shine. You can learn these moves and others through First Dance Lexington's Customized Video Series

Tip #4 - Breathe, Be Confident and Enjoy Your Wedding Dance

Take deep breaths before stepping onto the dance floor. Deep breathing helps calm your nerves and releases tension in your body. Remember to relax your shoulders (I like to roll my shoulders up, down, and back), keep your posture upright, unclench your jaw, smile, and let the music guide your movements.

"Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Remember, mistakes happen, and that's okay! Don't let a stumble or misstep derail your confidence. Instead, view it as an opportunity to show your resilience and ability to laugh. No one knows what your dance routine is supposed to look like, so your friends and family won’t realize it’s been a mistake. Your guests are there to support you, not judge your dance skills.

How To Do A First Dance At A Wedding
There's a famous quote: “If you stumble, make it part of the dance” - Unknown

It's so true. Your guests won't know what your wedding dance is supposed to look like. If there's a hiccup, make something beautiful out of it and keep going. No one will know it's a mistake unless you make a big deal about it.

Tip #5 - Imagine the Success of a Beautiful First Dance

You might feel silly trying, but visualization is a powerful tool used by athletes and professionals all the time and can work to help you prepare for your first dance as well. Begin by sitting or lying comfortably, turning on your wedding song, and closing your eyes. Imagine yourself dancing with confidence with your partner during your first dance. Envision the applause and cheers from your loved ones as you waltz across the floor. This positive visualization can help boost your confidence and create a positive tone for the dance.

Feel Confident On Your Wedding Day, On And Off The Dance Floor

Wedding Dance Anxiety, Dance With Confidence

By implementing these tips into your wedding dance, you'll be on your way to conquering any nerves during your first dance. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment with your partner; it only lasts about two to three minutes. You can always reach out to a friend, family member, dance instructor, or professional to help you ease these feelings. Your first dance celebrates your unique journey, so rely on each other by looking each other in the eyes and dancing confidently. You got this!


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