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How to Find Your Wedding Dance Song: Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide for Perfect Melodic Match

This step-by-step process can be used for any of your wedding dance songs (i.e., Father-Daughter dance, Mother-Son dance, parent dances, bridal party entrance, and other wedding dances)

bride and groom dancing their first dance thanks for First Dance Lexington

It’s time to take a break from the spreadsheets and timelines. Let’s pull up Spotify, pour a drink, and have an at-home date night and some fun coming up with your First Dance song options.

Here are five ways to help you find the best first dance song for you!

Step #1 - Reminisce

Begin by jotting down songs that make you think of each other; it can be a song that you love the lyrics, songs by an artist whose concert you went to, or songs from some of your favorite movies. The point is to reflect on memories and compile a list of songs with some meaning. These songs should bring back a feeling or a memory for you as a couple; they should hold sentimental value and reflect your unique relationship and love story.

Now it’s time to consider your music preferences.

Step #2 - Music Preferences for your wedding dance

You must choose a first dance song that aligns with your preferred music genre. Your song choice should fit your unique style, whether it’s a classic, romantic ballad, contemporary hit, or a fun sing-along from a movie. Ensure your song reflects your personality and sets the right mood for the moment. Once you decide on your mood, go through your list and remove any songs that don’t fit that category. (even though those songs might not provide your first dances, they may have significance in another portion of your wedding day, such as in your ceremony, during cocktail hour, later on, on the dance floor, or during your grand exit).

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." - Plato

Your list should be narrowed down, so it’s time to Listen to the Lyrics.

Step #3 - Listen to the Lyrics

Your lyrics for your first dance song don’t need to express the perfect love song, but you want to make sure that the lyrics are appropriate for you, as a couple, for your first dance. For example, a Taylor Swift breakup song might not be the best option – but hey, if you’re Swiftie and love that song, then who am I to hold you back because of the lyrics!

Here’s the fun part, Test it Out!

Step #4 - Test it Out

Put down your drink, stand up with your partner, turn up the music, and DANCE! Do you want to move to the song? Do you want to sing along, make you smile, cry, or laugh? Which song FEELS the best to you?

Here’s the fun part, Test it Out!

Step #5 - Consult with professionals

Still haven’t found the one? That’s ok; seek advice from pros. First Dance Lexington

can help you pick the song from your narrowed-down list through an in-person session, or virtual. You can also contact your wedding planner, DJ, or Band for guidance. However, you two will be dancing to the song, so keep that in mind.

Remember: your wedding songs should be as unique as you!

Choosing a first dance song can be a personal and meaningful decision. I’ve created a playlist on Spotify of meaningful songs to me that would make great first dance songs, but just because they are meaningful to me does not mean it’s right for a first dance song for you.


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