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Dancing Tales and Wedding Wonders: My Adventures on The Wedding Whisper Podcast

Step into the captivating world of wedding dance and bride-to-be adventures as I share my journey on The Wedding Whisper Podcast. In two exciting episodes (Episode 6 and Episode 20), we dive into everything wedding-related, from enchanting dance moves to the unforgettable moments when Tyler and I got married.

For those unfamiliar with the podcast,​​ The Wedding Whisper Podcast, hosted by the incredible Sarah Burton of Simply Love Studio, is a haven for all things Kentucky weddings. Sarah's passion for weddings and her deep understanding of the Kentucky wedding scene make this podcast a go-to resource for engaged couples, wedding professionals, and anyone fascinated by the magic of weddings. With Sarah's warm and engaging hosting style, each episode is a delightful journey through Kentucky weddings, filled with insider tips, heartfelt stories, and valuable advice.

Episode 6: Dance Lessons for Your Wedding

The Wedding Whisperer Podcast about First Dance Lexington

In Episode 6, I shared my expertise and passion for wedding dances. We chatted about my background and what makes First Dance Lexington different from other dance studios. Sarah interviewed me about everything wedding dance-related, from the importance of preparing for your first dance to tips on when to start taking lessons, how to begin taking classes, and how many lessons you need. We dived into the joys of helping couples feel confident on the dance floor and how taking lessons before your wedding, whether for your first dance or a parent dance, will benefit you on and off the dance floor. This episode is a must-listen if you're seeking inspiration and valuable insights into wedding dance.

Episode 20: April 2023 Lexington, KY Bride

The Wedding Whisperer Podcast April 2023 Lexington Bride

The Wedding Whisper Podcast invited me to recount the journey of planning and experiencing my wedding. Tyler and I tied the knot on April 22, 2023, in Lexington, Kentucky. From the initial excitement of wedding planning to the week leading up to the big day, we share how unique, memorable, and stress-free we made our wedding. Join us as we celebrate the joys of our wedding.

The Wedding Whisper Podcast is a Must-listen.

If you're ready for a delightful and entertaining podcast experience, I invite you to tune in to The Wedding Whisper Podcast and listen to my two episodes and the other captivating episodes that come out weekly. Whether you're a bride-to-be seeking inspiration, a wedding professional in the industry, or simply a fan of love stories and weddings, you'll find joy, laughter, and valuable insights. So grab your favorite beverage or snack, sit back, and enjoy these light-hearted and fun-filled episodes that will leave you with a smile and a touch of wedding wonder in your heart. Happy listening!

Remember to check out The Wedding Whisper Podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and more! Share your thoughts about your favorite episodes in the comment box below!


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