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Wedding Dance Prep: 5 Compelling Reasons to Take Dance Lessons Before Tying the Knot

This article was originally titled, "Five Reasons To Take A Dance Lesson Before Your Wedding" and can be found featured in the Bridal Bliss Magazine.

You’ve bought the dress, chosen the flowers, tasted the cake, and started ironing out every detail of your perfect day, but have you booked your dance lesson yet? Whether you want to avoid the boring “middle school sway” during your first dance, jazz things up with your father on the dance floor, or create a memorable flash mob to impress your guests, here are five reasons why a dance lesson should be added to your to-do list.

#1 - Get Past Your Fears And Feel Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day

You don’t have to be an extrovert to feel confident dancing in front of a crowd. With just a single dance lesson, you can learn how to carry yourself on the dance floor and execute some simple moves that will help create a magical moment. We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect” and the same goes for dancing at your wedding. A lesson will allow you to practice dancing to your song before the big day. Practicing before the big day gives you a game plan that enables dance moves to become muscle memory, so you can enjoy being swept off your feet on the dance floor.

#2 - Dance Lessons Help Create Beautiful Pictures

The perfect way to end a first dance is with a dip, not to mention it makes for the most beautiful photos on and off the dance floor. A dip can be scary (especially at first!), but by taking a dance lesson, your instructor can teach you how to do a dip safely to best show off yourself, your partner, and your wedding dress.

#3 - Learn A New Skill To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Having a dance lesson under your belt comes in handy even after you say your “I Do’s.” Whether you are going to a friend’s wedding, on a cruise, to a New Year’s Eve party, or even having a night out on the town, knowing some dance moves will help you move and groove in a variety of social settings.

#4 - Grow Your Relationship By Learning Something New Together

There is no better or more fun way to get to know each other than learning how to dance. Learning a new skill, especially dance, forces honest communication and trust. Taking a lesson with your fiance, father, and friends or treating your soon-to-be mother-in-law to a dance lesson with her son will bring everyone closer together and create a new cherished memory.

#5 - The Perfect Break From Wedding Planning

A dance lesson makes a fantastic date night, girl's night, or family activity. Whether you choose a one-time dance lesson or make it a monthly or weekly activity, your dance lesson will be something you look forward to. Planning can be stressful, but having a distraction with a dance class relieves stress and adds lots of laughter and love.

Book Your Wedding Dance Lesson and Help Find Your Wedding Dance Song With First Dance Lexington

It's Time To Schedule Your Wedding Dance Lesson

Learning to dance and feeling confident on the dance floor will make a huge difference during your wedding by avoiding awkward, mundane dance moves and calming your nerves. Dancing for your wedding will require a slightly different technique than learning to dance ballroom (so be careful if you are trying to look up moves off of the internet) and taking a private dance lesson with someone who specializes in helping people dance at weddings before your big day allows you to learn the technique and ways to move that is more appropriate and comfortable for a wedding whether you want some basic steps to feel confident or to wow the crowd with a fully choreographed dance, a dance instructor can break it down and make it easy, even for those with two left feet! So now it’s time to; grab your planner, computer, or notebook and add ‘SCHEDULE A DANCE LESSON’ to your to-do list and get ready to smile and feel blissful on the dance floor!

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